Birdies Bread Co. is a locally owned and operated bakery focusing on naturally-leavened breads, made with locally grown grains. We have a beautiful Austrian stone mill right in the shop which provides the freshest flour possible! All of our flours are 100% whole grain, and stone milling preserves all the goodness (like the bran, germ, endosperm, and all that geeky stuff!) and most importantly the flavour! Come by the shop to see our gorgeous mill on display, and you might even see it in action while we mill the flour for your bread!


We source all of our grains from right here in Atlantic Canada. 

We’ve been working really closely with the lovely folks at Longspell Point Farm in Canning, Nova Scotia. They grow all kinds of beautiful heritage, spray free grains including Red Fife Wheat, Acadia Wheat, Rye, and Oats.


WE focus on naturally-leavened breads, made with locally grown grains which we mill in house.


Who we are

Birdies Bread Co. is the realization of a dream for cook turned Baker, Jessica Best. Jessica trained in Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island. Originally from Newfoundland, Jess cooked in professional kitchens for several years before discovering her true passion for sourdough bread baking during her time at the renowned Raymonds Restaurant in St. John’s.  There she learned about the fascinating methods behind the art of naturally leavened breads, and has been obsessed with creating and exploring within the discipline ever since.  Birdies is a natural continuation of that obsession, and her love of feeding people really good bread!